ganesh geymeier



09.07.16 Chateau de Chillon, with Audétat/Calpini/Geymeier

05.08.16 Festival Jazz en Rade, with That Pork

13.08.16 Geneva with Bad Resolution

17.08.16 Aubes Musicales, Geneva, with Stade

20.08.16 Jazz sur la Plage, Hermances, with That Pork

25.08.16 Petit Théâtre, Sion with Bad Resolution

26.08.16 Les Arcades, Sion with That Pork

27.08.16 Point 11, Sion with ShabraK

03.09.16 Festival Offenback, St-Saphorin with Jérome Berney Quartet

15.09.16 Bärenkeller, Aarburg with The Rainmakers

16.09.16 Pappelgarten, Reutlingen (D), with The Rainmakers

17.09.16 Jazz au Peuple, Prangins with Bad Resolution

18.09.16 Label Suisse, EJMA, Lausanne, with The Rainmakers

23.09.16 AMR, Geneva, Nelson Schaer Carte Blanche

24.09.16 AMR, Geneva, Nelson Schaer Carte Blanche

10-17.10.16 China Tour with The Rainmakers

12.11.16 Jazzlive Aarau, with the Rainmakers

13.11.16 Jazz-November, Bayreuth (D), with the Rainmakers

14-16.11.16 Jazz Campus Live Mitschnitt, Basel, with The Rainmakers

17.11.16 Rest. Ochsen, Zofingen, with The Rainmakers

18.11.16 Esse Bar, Winterthur, with The Rainmakers

19.11.16 Jazz Club, Villingen (D), with The Rainmakers

22.11.16 Altes Spital, Solothurn, with The Rainmakers

24.11.16 Paradies, Jena (D), with the Rainmakers

25.11.16 Chodovska TVRZ, Prag, with The Rainmakers

26.11.16 Jazztopad, Wroclaw, with The Rainmakers

20-21.01.17 Oriental Vevey, with Timelapse (Christophe Chambet)

6-12.02.16 Lyon, TBA, Fela Kuti Project